Search Engine Optimisation

No crazy guarantees. Only proven results.

Did you know...?

  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

Why choose Gversion?

We carry out an initial audit of your website's rankings so we know where you are currently positioned in comparison to your competitors and what keywords we think should be targeted.
We know what works and what doesn't so we don't waste time plus you can rest assured we won't risk your website's rankings by carrying out tactics that search engines don't like.
Search engine optimsation is not an exact science. We are always clear and upfront with our customers.
Once you've reached the top, work needs to be carried out to stay there. We have the resources and expertise to maintain your search engine rankings.

Want to know why we have achieved results in the past?

We stay up-to-date

Gversion spends hours and hours every month staying up to date with the latest search engine developments in order to ensure that its clients can be found on the major search engines.

We play by the rules

We play by the rules in everything we do and this is especially true when it comes to SEO practice. Black-hat tactics might result in short-term success but this will eventually come at the cost of being penalised.

We design for users

Websites shouldn't be designed for search engines, they should be designed for users. Gversion ensures its clients' websites are well optimised in terms of content and design so that both search engines and users can navigate easily and regularly.

What is our 5-step SEO Process?

1. Keyword Audit

The first stage is for us to learn about your industry and analyse your website and the websites of your competition. We will aim to identify opportunities that will lead to a successful SEO campaign.

2. Develop a Strategy

We will identify opportunities and then create a strategy to stear the SEO campaign in the right direction. This strategy involves on-site and off-site tactics that we believe will improve your rankings.

3. On-site Optimisation

We will carry out on-site optimisation techniques that we identify need to be completed. This involves making adjustments to the website's text as well as ensuring that the internal link structure of the site is looking good.

4. Off-site Content Marketing

We will create regular content for your website based on the strategy we defined in Stage 2. This content will be shared with companies and bloggers that are in similar but not competing websites and will help build external links to your website.

5. Analysis & Reporting

Using various analytical tools we will monitor the levels of traffic you are receiving and analyse how users are interacting with your website. Goal conversion rates will be compared against the business objectives and the results will provide directions for any necessary adjustments to the SEO plan.

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