Mobile App Development

We build slick mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Did you know...?

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Why choose Gversion?

We kick off all our new mobile app projects with a consultancy stage.
We build hybrid apps that work across all major mobile platforms.
We meet budgets and timeframes so you can count on us to deliver.

6 key steps to your successful app...

Consult the idea

It can be tempting to try and launch an app that has all the bells and whistles from the ouset. In reality, this can cause the project's budget and timeframe to over-run. We encourge our clients to take a 'lean' approach to the app development process, which involves first test marketing the idea with the minimum viable product (MVP).

Build the app

We build client-side, hybrid apps using Google's AngularJS programming language. The result is one version of well optimised code that runs equally well on iOS and Android. This approach enables our development process to be more cost-effective than building native apps for each platform.

Test the app

Before the app is released to the world we rigorously test the app using a wide range of mobile devices. We make sure your app performs well on a range of different processor speeds as well as screen sizes and resolutions.

Launch the app

We take care of everything required to launch your app from designing "click me" icons to submitting all the required forms so that your app is accepted by Apple's App Store and Google Play. We know how to jump all the hoops!

Listen to feedback

We constantly monitor user feedback to ensure that bugs are fixed and any new feature requests are noted in the development roadmap. The result is an app that customers feel engaged with and enjoy using and sharing with their peers.

Develop & Improve

If the feedback from the MVP version of your app is positive then we can take your app to the next level. We work closely with you and your customers to further develop your app and continually improve the user experience.

Ready for the next step?