Logo Design

Professional logo design and branding that gives the right impression.

Did you know...?

  • 33% of the top brand’s logos use the colour blue.

Why choose Gversion?

Our stunning logo designs will set you apart from your competition.
We understand the importance of creating a memorable image and building a relationship with your audience.
We take an integrated approach and develop brands that are conveyed by the public in a consistent way.

The key ingredients that make our logos work...


We don't use generic or common visuals that get lost in the crowd. Our professional designers carefully choose high quality fonts that make your logo recognisable and credible.


It should only take a glance for a memorable logo to resonate with its intended audience. Once a logo is familiar within is marketplace it must succeed in conveying credibility and trust.


Logos must display equally well in digital media (e.g. websites and emails) as they do in printed media (e.g. business cards). Blurry images and small text that is difficult to read could be damaging to the brand.


Designing a logo that reflects a company's core values plays an important role in captivating the audience and conveying the relevant associations with your industry.


The most simple logos are often the most effective. Only one or two colours are required and heavy styling and over-complicated designs should be avoided.


A well designed logo will stand the test of time. Even when the time comes for a "fresh look", the best logo designs will always remain elegant and timeless.

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